Coming Undone: One Christian Woman’s Journey to Enlightenment


Donna Root 2-1-16

My story is a story about magic and miracles. I was raised Christian and always had a fundamental belief in a higher power, a Universal Source of creation. I have in fact, always had a knowing that this power, or Source, existed. I was trained to call this Source, God. Today my view of God has changed radically and in a way that I never before dreamed possible.


In order to tell my story properly, I have to go back to at least 2007. In 2007 I got sick, dying sick. One day I was well, or at least my regular well, and the next day my body stopped functioning. I started going to my local general practitioner and ended up going from the dermatologist to an oncologist to the internist – to every form of homeopathic practitioner you can imagine and some you might not even imagine. I was at a different doctor somewhere all over the world every Friday for two years straight.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue, black mold mycotoxins, and bone marrow cancer. I was told I needed to have chemotherapy or deal with the deterioration of my body for the rest of my life. My doctors also told me, “This was just the way life was going to be, you need to learn how to cope with the pain.” My skin, as an organ, was failing – you could literally run your fingers across my skin and it would tear. It was the most horrific time of my life. I was in so much pain every moment of the day and night, that I spent most of my time just trying to find ways to calm my body down so that I could experience even momentary relief.


For the record, when you have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, or lupus, or chronic fatigue, the Mayo clinic will not treat you. They tell you to find coping support skills and send you on your way. I also have a Mediterranean blood disorder called Beta Thalassemia, also called Mediterranean Anemia. People with Thalassemia make less hemoglobin and have fewer circulating red blood cells than normal, which makes for a less sturdy immune system. It also means that my body does not do well with synthetic drugs like painkillers, so during my illness taking anything but Tylenol made things worse, not better. Although the doctor who diagnosed me with bone marrow cancer suggested Chemo, I did not believe my system would be able to survive the process. So I began to look at alternative ways to heal and cope with the chronic pain. I went out of the country for stem cell treatments and went to every homeopathic, alternative medicine channel you could imagine after exhausting western medicine solutions.


I was grateful at the time to have a job that required very little energy. I have no idea how other people with chronic illness even keep life going with any degree of normalcy, let alone how any single parent survives the experience. I was still speaking all over the world on personal and corporate development. My saving grace was that I had done it so much that I could do it on autopilot. I was a single mom of five and did not have the luxury of quitting my job.


My ex-husband, who has been clinically diagnosed as narcissistic, had spent ten years kidnapping my kids and taking them out of the state, two states away from where I lived. I would have to work through a cumbersome legal system to get them back. My second daughter was taken out of my home while in her room and I did not see her for a year. My other children would be gone for two and three months at a time before he would have a judgment to send them back. I could not tell anyone that I was sick because my ex would have taken me to court and tried to take my children away permanently. So, for 15 years I put on a brave face and just continued to do whatever I had to do so that I could show up to do my job, provide for my children, and fight the legal battles that continued to be issues as my ex-husband continued to kidnap my children, while the law enforcement system in both states continued to say it was a domestic issue and they could not interfere.


The five people closest to me knew how sick I was, and of course the doctors. My ex-husband’s attorney told him to just keep taking the kids, that I would not be able to continue to afford to fight him in court and that he would eventually just wipe me out financially. Life was simply heartbreaking every single day.


I learned an interesting technique to quiet my body. For the most part, it just helped me cope with the pain. I did not realize at the time that I was learning a unique meditation skill as well as mental and emotional skill sets that would ultimately change the course of my life. I had tried to meditate previously and it just felt like I was doing nothing. I did not have time to sit around and do nothing.


I went through the normal range of emotions that one would imagine you would have: from deep desperation, to anger at God and feelings of abandonment, resentment, frustration, shame, rage, a whole lot of “why me” and loneliness. The inconceivable thing at the time was that I was still speaking three to four days a week. I would not allow myself to stop for fear of losing my children. I am sure my travel did not help my health as I was in a different hotel in a different city or country four days a week.


There were a few things I thought I knew for sure at this time. The love for my children motivated me forward to find a solution and my belief in God kept me believing that something unseen in my present moment did not mean a miracle would not occur tomorrow. The interesting thing about this aspect of my life, which turned out to be a gift, is that it offered a perfect place of reflection of what I was demonstrating into the world.


As I told you early in my story, I foundationally always held a “knowing”: there was a higher power, call it God, Source or the Universe. I believed wholeheartedly that God could and would intervene on my behalf if I had enough faith and was good enough that God could bless me. I had no idea at the time that so much of it was in my own control. For example, I would be speaking to an audience and be so angry and get calls to our HR department reflecting anger or frustration at my corporate office from people who attended my seminars. On days I went in with joy, joy was also reflected back; on days when I was frustrated, frustration was mirrored back. This was fascinating to me, as prior to this lengthy illness, I felt like I was a pretty positive person and never spent too much time, if any, thinking about what I was putting out into the world. I just thought life was happening to me. I had no idea that I was happening to life, until I got to experience these two years of watching hundreds and thousands of people respond to my emotional state.


I could give my lectures in any place using the same words, delivering the same lines, with the same amount of feigned enthusiasm every day, much like an actor performs a part. What my audience could not see, but responded to, was my true emotional state behind my words. They didn’t know, they couldn’t know what I was truly reflecting and yet there was evidence every day that this unseen vibration of my emotional state was in fact being reflected back. I continued to give my lectures all over the country and internationally, delivering my lines, like a really good actor could perform. My content was good so I could draw large crowds whenever I spoke. I never told anyone I was sick, mad, frustrated, hopeless, depressed, angry or dying!


I learned during this time to let go! Surrender was a daily adventure. I learned to have the ability to see my life as an observer. It was a little like being in the movie, “Groundhog Day”, and I realized I was getting immediate feedback from my audiences. I finally moved into a state of gratitude, surrender, and acceptance of what was happening in my life and purposely came to work and to my family with joy in my heart that I was still able to earn money, keep my kids and maintain a loving home.


Then, an interesting thing happened. I was trying to calm my body down so I could have the strength to deal with the pain. I had developed a way to do this that I now would call a music meditation technique. I was meditating one day and my brain pulled a note or single tone out of the music I was listening to. It just held the vibration of that single tone for several minutes. I felt an immediate and incredible surge of wellness permeate my entire body. It was unbelievable! On the first day this was something that seemed to be happening to me. When I got to my hotel the next day, I tried to consciously recreate the experience from the previous day and I was successful! By day three I was completely healed! I was overjoyed and dumbfounded. There were no words to describe the contrast between how sick I was and how well I felt now. In fact, I was energetically well in a way I had never been in my whole adult life. It was beyond miraculous! How was it possible to create spontaneous wellness from an incurable illness in three days through a single tone?


This spontaneous healing changed everything. It put me on a path that I would have never gone down had I not had the opportunity to be sick for two years. I would never have imagined that my illness was God opening a new door for me. I was now on an insatiable quest to understand frequency, energy and vibration, as well as consciousness and how God truly works miracles in our lives in ways we would never have considered a blessing.


Since that time, I have had many extraordinary events occur. One of the things that was the most miraculous, which has been the most difficult for me to share publiclly, was the constant access of spiritual beings teaching me directly. This direct teaching compelled me to completely recontextualized my whole thought process about the nature of God and this 3-dimensional reality, and how we create and interact within it. For almost eighteen months I was surrounded by spiritual beings who taught me directly the reasons I had experienced instant healing and how others could experience this healing as well. These beings were also clear in letting me know that this information is accessible to anyone who is willing to discipline their minds, emotions and bodies in the simple processes they taught me to embrace. I knew some of these spiritual beings as they would interact with me directly and I had a historical reference for who they were. Others I did not know directly or indirectly. I simply had a clear understanding that they were from a much higher spiritual dimension. I took notes as I received divine downloads of information which has now become the content and processes of the course I teach all over the world.


The truth is, there is no “veil”. We create this separation by agreeing to run the patterns of belief that separation exists. We create pain and suffering by believing that the thought patterns that arise in our minds are real. The interesting thing is that if we are not willing to question whether or not our thought patterns and beliefs are true, we simply demonstrate them in our 3-dimensional reality as if they were, which creates further evidence for us that they are in fact real. When we are willing to surrender these thought patterns or question them by simply being aware they are there and seeing what emotions we have habitually attached to them, they can be painlessly and effortlessly released. Suffering arises from the compression and suppression of stuffing these beliefs and creating stories we sell to everyone around us to reinforce that they are real.


What I know to be truth is that I am not special. Everyone has access to experience these shifts for themselves. I was simply so attached to patterns of belief that I had agreed to run as mine and made real in my own life that I myself had created a life of struggle. The hardest thing for me to do was to just let those patterns go and remain open. What else is possible? Perhaps the hardest thing for others too, is to just let go! I surrendered the old patterns of belief that I had agreed to run through parents, through religion, and society that kept me living a small life as a victim.


I was taught from these spiritual mentors that there is no separation and that the thought pattern of separation is a learned belief, not a reality or a possibility. The nature of God as it is, is truly omnipresent, which means it is present in its totality in every place and in every moment and is omniscient, which means it is all knowing and all encompassing. It is not possible for us to be separate from God in any moment except in our minds. The nature of God, if we could see the reality, has and does interact with us as if we are an only child. The only thing that is happening in reality is you and God. Nothing else is possible. The entire universe by design supports our expansion in every aspect of our life. There is nothing in life that is not spiritual and all things work toward your expansion.


My religious background was through Christianity and most of my study prior to my healing was through the Christian doctrine of salvation. It was interesting to learn through my spiritual mentors that the Eastern teachings of enlightenment were totally aligned with my Christian spiritual journey. Although I was no longer attached to religious dogma or the belief patterns of childhood, I did not need to see it as black or white thinking, right or wrong, good or bad. I could embrace this thinking. These philosophies were in fact totally compatible and I could embrace both in order to expand my awareness. I could be completely neutral about both, which gave me the real freedom to embrace or reject any and all thought that appeared in my mind.


One of the things I was taught as a child and adult was that after living a good life we could have dominion in the afterlife. This is not truth. We have total dominion of our own life and are reflections of the God we believe exists in this reality. When you understand the nature of God as only Love, the nature of this reality changes dramatically to one of wonder, amazement and miracles.


I had huge limiting beliefs about myself as well as limiting beliefs about the way we interact with divinity and this 3-dimensional reality we call life. I spent so much of my life and energy before getting sick waiting to be rewarded by a small punitive God I was taught would reward me only if and when I was good.


I spent three years after getting better physically re-contextualizing the way I viewed everything in my world. I wish I could say this was an easy time for me. Quite frankly, it scared the hell out of me. This new way of seeing the world with no real veil and no barriers to the other side of the spirit world or higher dimensions was not easy for me to wrap my head around. Especially when I considered myself to be a professional in the corporate arena, was hired to teach, “The Entrepreneur Mindset” in several colleges and organizations throughout the country, and had clients who respected me and sought me out for my logic and discernment, as well as the practicality in which I delivered my content. It took five years before I was comfortable speaking about my profound and extraordinary experiences of being taught and mentored from a non-physical realm.


I now get to help create miracles in other people’s lives using these exceptional tools, processes and technologies that were delivered to me by these amazing spiritual non-physical mentors. It is my greatest joy to assist individuals and organizations to raise their conscious awareness. The ability to raise our individual consciousness is how we will not only change our personal lives, but also change the future outcome of the planet.


This experience, and these mentors taught me that there is only one law of the universe: the law of vibration. We are energy (Source Energy) and we are never doing “nothing”. We are always transmitting a vibrational signal through our thoughts, bodies, and emotions, which are reflected back to us as evidence that we are already divine creators. Most of us are sending multiple mixed signals and see struggle in our lives because we do not understand how to align ourselves to send a single unified frequency into the field.


I got to spend eight years learning and teaching this divine content without ever being sick. In spring of 2015 I began to have severe bleeding and was diagnosed with tumors in my colon. It was amazing to have this experience on the other side of awareness, knowing what I knew and having demonstrated to myself that healing could occur in an instant. I was able to have deep compassion for what was going on in my body without any resistance or fear. I was able to discover the reason the illness would manifest itself in my physical form. I also knew I could eliminate this from my body. It only took about a month for me to be totally tumor free without any medical or surgical intervention. I did it by simply applying the tools that were given to me from my spiritual mentors that continue to teach me on a daily basis.


These tools impact all aspects of our lives including physical health, emotional well-being, weight gain, wealth and all aspects of relationships, both business and personal. Immediate transformation is not only possible, but also inevitable when we are aligned to the 6 Master Keys of Personal Alignment™, the 6 R’s of Transformation™ and engaged in the process of Neutral Observation™ while understanding that all Charged Thought™ is creative.


It is my great joy to continue to share the simplicity of these processes wherever I go. They have brought so much joy and peace to my own life. What is possible when living in alignment is truly beyond belief.


Living my life from this new vantage point, Truly Aligned and On Purpose, has changed everything. I have been able to teach the processes I learned all over the world to individuals and corporations. It has created the opportunities for me to be recognized in Forbes, published in the Huffington Post, The LA Times, and to be featured on CBS, and ABC networks.


It was also a privilege to be invited to be a contributing author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, by the Napoleon Hill Institute, as well as being a writer for Innate Wealth, Your Focus, Your Fortune.


I continue to live every day with gratitude and a total knowing that all things work for my good in a universe that can do nothing else but support God supporting me. There is nothing that excites me more than sharing this content with others and helping people let go of their limiting thoughts and belief patterns that keep them trapped in suffering while they tap into their infinite self that is our divine birthright. It is exhilarating knowing that I am living my life – On Purpose as God extended! I realize I am just on the tip of the iceberg in the expansion of consciousness. I am excited to see what comes through next!

Donna Root


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