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Founder of Jigabot, CEO of The Executives Edge and Founder of The Inner Architect, keynote speaker, leadership mentor and bestselling author Donna Root transforms challenges into opportunities. It is through her insights on life, business, personal development, parenting and mindfulness, that she has inspired thousands of business professionals and creative thinkers to adjust, rethink and refocus in every field and walk of life.

 After graduating from college, Donna soon became a noted thought leader in business and consciousness, and 25 years later, she is consistently inspiring others towards greater levels of success and transformation. Motivating the masses with galvanizing speeches, Donna empowers others to build their organizations and lead through the cultivation of culture. As a corporate strategy advisor and private executive mentor, Donna cultivates the development of core leadership skills combined with compassion, mindfulness and authenticity. She helps both companies and individuals get aligned and create transformational success.


Donna has presented at events and conferences world wide, as well as being highlighted on TV, radio and in print. Donna has been recognized in Forbes, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times and has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC networks. This work has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and organization all over the world.

As she has been a thought leader in individual and organizational consciousness alignment she has been recognized by Cambridge’s “Who’s Who” for achieving excellence in leadership, vision, mentoring, coaching and all aspects of business and personal transformation.


She was recognized as one of the Peak 100 award winners in 2016 acknowledging that she is one of Utah’s Top 100 most influential Professionals.


She was also recognized in 2016 as being one of the top10 coolest entrepreneurs in Utah

She has conducted seminars and workshops for personal empowerment and business alignment, personal alignment, for groups as large as 15,000 and has trained over 1,000,000 individuals globally during her career. Donna is a published author and has assisted in ghost writing several books. She is also a contributing author for "Think and Grow Rich for Women". Released June 2014. Contributing Author for "Innate Wealth; Your Focus Your fortune"


Business Topics Donna Speaks on
• Developing a Successful Team Through Conscious Engagement
• To Sell is Human: The Art of Enhance Customer Engagement through touch point management
• Change Management & Maximizing Results through Conscious Relationships
• Sales Training through design mapping
• Building High Preforming Teams
• Four Tips of a Successful Conscious Sales Methodology
• Three Keys to Empowered Leadership
• What Millennials Look for in Leaders
• Customer and Employee Loyalty; What you don’t know can kill your company.
• Women in Sales & Technology Leadership
• Modern Marketing for building community
• Unleash your sales power
• Fearless Sales Teams - Changing Your Perspective for High Impact Sales
• Understanding Todays Consumers Through Emotional Touch Points
• Authentic Sales - Fulfilling Your Client's Needs
• Developing Consciously Authentic Teams


Personal Development Topics
• How to find peace in any situation
• How your mindset determines how successful your life will be
• Overcoming challenges and turning them into opportunities
• Developing a greater level of self-awareness and success
• Shifting perspectives for lasting happiness
• What to do when challenges overwhelm you
• Break free of limitations for lasting happiness


Transform Your Life and Break Free of Limitations for Lasting Happiness. If you are unhappy, struggling through one challenge after another, and feeling disconnected from everyone, you are not alone. Regardless of the reason, unhappiness can permeate every area of life if left unchecked. So is it possible to shift perspectives and live a life of happiness, prosperity and peace? Engaging and practical, Out of My Mind: How to live an inspired and prosperous life on purpose. Presents simple steps to take ownership of your happiness, health, love, and wealth, towards a greater level of self-awareness and success.


"Donna Root is truly an enlightened teacher and master. The simplicity and effectiveness of The Inner Architect Process is Superb." - Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Speaker

"As my personal life and business coach, I find Donna to be one of the most knowledgeable and innovative thinkers around today. Her profound insight and cutting edge approach, gained from years of research and application, has earned her national and international acclaim. Donna Root's Inner Architect training has transformed thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders and their teams at every level. She will teach you how to transform your life using a simple process guaranteed! Her training will stretch your mind, touch your heart, and dramatically increase your bottom line. If you are ready to turn up the energy, get real with yourself, and take you life or business to a whole new level of growth, I highly recommend Donna Root. You will get the best and she will change your life." -Les Brown, Worlds Leading Motivational Speaker/ Author


"Raw and real. Author Donna Root's take on facing the reality of life with its myriad of challenges and blessings, will leave you validated, refreshed and grateful for the soulful dive." – Ruby Yeh, Founder, Inspired Media


""There is no greater work on the planet today than the work Donna is doing raising consciousness and helping people create holistic wellness in their lives. Her program is a perfect marriage of Science, Spirituality, and Psychology. If you are looking for permanent change taught by a compassionate loving mentor, Inner Architect and Donna Root are world class."- Rustom Roy, Scientist / Professor / Author / Speaker

"Donna is an accomplished teacher, presenter and thought leader in interpersonal development and corporate growth and development. Her ability to communicate complex principles in a simple and straight forward manner using cutting edge methods and proven processes has helped me both personally and professionally. Her work with individuals and companies around the world is simply transformational. If you want to see greater results in productivity, creativity, focus, and direction... don't wait. Hire Donna now!" – DC Cordova, CEO, Excellerated Business School


"Donna Root is a woman of action. She is a woman of keen insight. She is a woman of tireless energy. Donna is a woman of personal experience of overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges through which she has learned the secrets of health, prosperity and joy. Donna is a passionate teacher who lives what she teaches and is committed to making an impact on the world through her teaching. I have had and continue to have great learning and coaching from her that has changed my life and the lives of my family." – Wynton Dunford, Founder/CEO Mederec

"I so appreciate what Donna Root is accomplishing. Her program is so very important. If you can touch a nerve that can get someone out of lethargy and help people and executives to adapt, you redoing great things. The work that Donna does in helping individuals and companies adapt and align is so imperative. A global perspective is imperative. The old is out and there is a better way of thinking, you must be on the cutting edge in order to be successful, personally or professionally. Donna has the tools the help.” – George Ross, Executive VP and Senior Counsel for The Trump Organization


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